This is a little outfit I wore the other day to run some errands. I bought this camo Ralph Lauren jacket a couple of weeks ago and I was so excited about it in the beginning, but I’m not sure anymore. What do you think, should I keep it?
I’ve noticed that I squint in all my pictures, I need to stop doing that. I don’t know why but I can’t wear sunglasses during winter, it”s not very smart of me because my eyes hurt most of the time because the white of the snow.






Camo Print

A Sunny Day

Hi guys,

My mom is visiting and I’m pretty busy and don’t have time to update my blog. She brought me this fur ushanka that I absolutely love. First she wanted to bring a traditional russian scarf that is a big thing right now back in my country, but I’m not really into it. I mean, I like to see it on somebody else, but it’s not my thing.

The Art of Layering

Hi Girls & Boys, 
Growing up, my mom would bundle up us in such a way, during winter, that me and my sister could barely move. It didn’t look very pretty, but I guess that my mom didn’t care about it very much as long as she knew that we are going to be warm. Imagine how we looked – combine the fashion of the 90’s and the chaos of a freshly collapsed Soviet Union – quite a terrible picture … I’m kidding, we had very nice clothes, my mom was quite a fashionista. 
So why am I telling you this? It’s because even now, being a grown up, it is hard for me not to transform myself in a human cocoon during winter. Even my daughter is the most swaddled up kid at the child care. 
Slowly but steady I teach myself the art of layering. All I need to do is throw on myself a bunch of clothes that miraculously go together and as a result make me look stylish and, what’s most important, on trend. Not just it looks good, it is also very practical. If you have to be in a warm place you don’t have to sweat like a beast, all you need is to “pill off” a few layers, and voila – you still look stylish. 
What about you, are you layering yet?

 H&M coat (similar)
Stella McCartney pumps (similar)
American Eagle boyfriend jeans (similar)
Guess blouse (similar)
Calvin Klein hat (similar)

How to Add Color to Winter Staples

Hi Girls & Boys,

I think that all of you know that it takes a little of imagination to come with different outfits during winter, especially if you are on a budget. My answer to that is to invest in accessories. Even though I have a bright vest on, I also added colorful jewelry and shoes to complete the look. I wrote a more detailed post on this topic here

Naf Naf coat (similar)
Sasha Suede shoes (similar)
Mango Jeans (similar)
Ralph Lauren Vest (similar)
Danijo Earrings (similar)
Cynthia Rowley bag (similar)
American Eagle shirt (similar)

Through the Blizzard

 Hi Girls & Boys, 
We, the ones from the North-East just survived a two day snow storm. I really enjoyed it because everybody had days off and we spent the whole time in front of the TV, drinking hot chocolate. 
This outfit screams “school girl gone wild”, but sometimes I kind of feel wearing something like this. I bet that with a longer skirt it would look more decent, but this is the length of the mini skirt I like to wear. 
Cynthia Rowley coat
Coach Boots
American Eagle shirt

Creating New Memories

Hi Girls & Boys
Every year by the end of winter I promise myself to start at least liking it, but all my good intentions go down the drain as soon as the first cold front is upon us. This morning I woke up to gray skies, snow and a dark house but a miracle happened when I saw the Christmas tree lights we put up yesturady.  After a deep breath I reminded myself that I’m not going to ruin once again my holidays spirit by hating the snow, the christmas songs that play EVERYWHERE, the over the top decorated houses, the too happy people, etc. So I’m going to stop being a jerk. I’m not that teenager anymore who thought that is too cool for Christmas,  the one who rolled eyes at mother’s attempts to revive in us the holiday spirit. I have a kid of my own now, and I need to make this time of the year as merry and miraculous as possible for her.
That’s why yesterday we went tree shopping for the first time in 5 years. Yeah, yeah, we are awful people. So we had a day full of firsts: first Christmas tree, first decorations, first broken glass ball, first serious talk about why we don’t throw delicate glass across the room. By the end of the evening we had a beautiful tree, and everybody was happy. So yeah, I can say know that I like Christmas.
Oh, I think you have noticed by now that I have a new haircut. This is how my hair looked, with a little variation, during my high school. It makes me look younger, which I didn’t like then, but I LOVE now.  It’s amazing how a simple change makes you feel like a different person. Do you feel the same with a new hair do, or it’s just me?
And a little about the outfit. I like bold accessories, and unusual clothes, but sometimes all I want is to look sleek and simple. I like how the all black makes the coat to pop up, making it the main piece of the outfit. I’m also in love with my new backpack I bought a few weeks ago. It reminds me of 7th grade, which was the last time I wore one. It was very stylish, my mom bought it in Greece, and it looked a lot like this one, but brown. Sweet memories.
Bey, bey for now, 

Nothing to Wear

 Hi Girls & Boys
The weather is getting pretty cold here in New England and I find myself pulling more and more clothes out of my closet when going out. I’m trying to pursue the art of layering. I’ve noticed that all my winter clothes are black or of a darker color, I know that I need some brights, but I’m really not into it right now. I’ve been wearing this Michael Kors bomber jacket every day, I just love it. Too bad that it is not that warm and soon or later I’ll need to trade it for more warmer pieces from my closet. I tried to brighten up my look with this American Eagle tartan shirt, that also keeps my rear warm :). 
If you’ve been following me for some time, you know that I donated 80% of my closet, and now I don’t really have what to wear. I don’t want to start buying stuff just to fill up my wardrobe,  and then, to find myself in the same position, of not liking anything I own. I’m a much more careful buyer now. I came to this because, growing up I was very, very skinny, and I’m used to buy very tight clothes, but even though I still can fit in them, I don’t like those kind of outfits anymore. For us girls, it’s hard sometimes to find what to wear with a full wardrobe of clothes, so imagine my situation now. My imagination is working really hard in order to look different every day. 
I also want to cut off my hair, I’m thinking shoulder length. I cut it the last time when I was 3 months pregnant, so it’s almost 3 years know. Wow, I didn’t realized it was so long ago. You can’t say, but it is pretty long, it goes down to the waist. I also want to color it in a darker shade. My natural hair color is the worst, I call it the “mouse hair color”, even the colorists in the hair salons can’t really tell what shade my color is. It’s something between the “dark blond” and the “light ash brown”. I’ve changed my hair color so many times, that I don’t even keep track anymore. I really like Kelly Osborne’s lilac hair, but I guess, I need to check with work first, before I do anything:).
Talking too much today. I’m leaving you alone now,

How to Rock yo Mama’s Shorts

Hi there, 

When I bought these short shorts I could read on my boy’s face “ARE YOU CRAZY?”. I knew that they are not the shorts a twenty+ year old would buy, but I saw the potential. They might not be 
everybody’s favorites but I never cared what other think, as long as I like something.
These short shorts are actually not that short as you might think, so I have to fold them several times to get the desired length. They are not very tight either, and to complete and pull off the look, I usually, put on some heels, and a tight top. A girl commented on instagram that the shorts give a vintage feeling, and I completely agree with her. 
What do you think?