Not my Dolce & Gabbana

For today’s outfit I borrowed my boy’s shirt. One day he came from shopping and he showed me the new clothes he bought for the work. I was like no no, no way you are going to wear at work a D&G shirt. So I convinced him to keep it new for the day he’ll be a groom :D. How many D&G shirts you can find on clearance in your size and almost for free?!! I mean, one can’t be that lucky! Right?
So when he saw what I was wearing he asked: 1. Do you need new clothes? and 2. Where’s the rest of your outfit? He even drove the car right to the door so the neighbors won’t see me. Really?
Speaking of my outfit I tried to keep it simple and monochromatic. I really hope you like it. Enjoy!

DG shirt
DG sunglasses
DKNY sweater
Carlos by Carlos Santana shoes


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