Snake print sandals

Hi Lovelies,
Did you know that if you want to look perfect in the pictures you need to follow some rules? So listen, when you take a picture one leg should be slightly in front of the another and you also should lean on one hip so your body shows some angles. Your face should be turned on the left side, showing the right side, because the right side is more expressive than the other. And yeah, don’t forget to hold the chin up, but not too high (no one wants to see your nostrils and their withins). 
I think that nobody knows to pose better than Victoria Beckham. But it drives me crazy somehow because her posing is too constant. Don’t get me wrong, I like her and her style is amaaaaazing!!!!
While I know all this shit rules I still have to take hundreds of photo in order to pick ten that I like. Maybe they are working just for stars and famous people???? Or is just my face……..
Have a fashionable Monday my dear reader. Kisses

HeartSoul heels
The Classic blouse 
Charlotte Russe skirt
Elliot Lucca clutch

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