Cape Cod

Hi Lovelies,

I told you in the previous post that we visited Cape Cod but we had the time to see just the Provincetown. We though that the road is going to take around 2,5 hours but we drove for 4 hours!! I thought I was going to go nuts. My baby girl could stay calm just for an hour, the next three a was entertaining her in all the ways possible. 
 Provincetown is the #1 Gay Community in America so all day I was staring… staring at all the hot guys around!!!:D
If you go to the beach you need to bring food with you because there is no restaurant/bar/shop around.

We were surprised to see a lot of art galleries. You could find one at any corner. This is the wall of one of them.

Frappuccino float is the best. It is Starbucks frappuccino with home made ice cream in it. Yummy!!!!

3 guys

My cranky baby


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