Hi Loves,
I’ve been busy lately so I didn’t have time to check out my blog, but I was pleasantly surprised by new followers and I say thank you to all of you. 
I had to go to NYC for some personal matter, and I had a blast. I’m a stay at home mom for almost a year now, so I was excited to go away by myself, no boyfriend, no kid :). After I was done with all I had to do, I went to SoHo to do some shopping. I stopped just at Zara and H&M due to lack of time. 
I hope you have a wonderful week! Kisses

Mozzarella sandwich for lunch

In love with this H&M sequined skirt

In love with all the jackets and coats at Zara
The feather skirt is perfect
I bought these shirt and the blazer from Zara
Cappuccino and OJ before going back to Boston 
Michael kors red jeans
Forever 21 vest
Sam Edelman sandals

13 thoughts on “Instatrip

  1. I love zara is just one of my favourite shops i love the flower blouse and chanel look like tweed jacket and that white leather jacket and skirt is so beautiful dear love it hope to see more of your gorgeous outfits kisseswww.preppyfashionist.blogspot.nlGIVEAWAY ON MY BLOG

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