MBFW NYC – Celebrities

Kelly Osborne
Hi Loves. 
I went to NYC to eyewitness the craziness of the fashion week. I stayed there for two days and I saw a few people that we all know and see on TV. I was happy to see all of them and surprised that they are much much skinnier than they appear on screen.
Joan Rivers 
Comedian and host of Fashion Police
Kimora Lee Simmons
Kimora is so tall and thin and very very beautiful. She was the loudest of all, talking with us, photographers and even arguing with one:).

           Diane McInerney 

I watch her always on TV and it was fun to see her in person.

André Leon Talley
Former editor-at-large of Vogue magazine 
Talley is just gigantic in person:). 

 Joe Zee
The creative director of the ELLE magazine

Jay Manuel
Everybody knows Jay from America’s Next Top Model
 I was surprised to see that Joe Zee and Jay Manuel passed by unnoticed by everybody. Even Leon Talley.

June Ambrose

I was following June on instagram for a long time and I was happy to see her.  I wasn’t expecting that she would be so tiny and skinny. And her outfit!!!!!She looked absolutely fabulous.


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