Sycophant – A person who acts attentively toward someone in order to gain advantage; a servile flatterer.

Hi Loves, 
This is just an outfit of the day that I wore today on a sightseeing trip. We went to the Crane Estate in Ipswich, Ma. It is a very, very beautiful place.
Here is a little about the estate:

“Chicago industrialist Richard T. Crane, Jr. first purchased the 2,100 acres that would become The Crane Estate in 1910. Crane was captivated by the beautiful landscape, and over time worked with eight leading architects and landscape architects to shape his summer retreat. In 1928, he crowned the estate with a grand 59-room, Stuart-style mansion, designed by the world-renowned architect David Adler.”


8 thoughts on “Sycophant

  1. Oh, wow! Love your boots, I have a pair just like these!! I found this lovely blog and now I follow you! There're lots of interesting things…

    Love, Serena

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