Freezing Point

 Hi Loves, 
I’ve been a very lazy blogger lately and blame it on the holidays. I’m really impressed by those who kept on posting regardless of the craziness of the past week. 
I hope that all of you spent some quality time with friends and relatives and entered the new year with big projects, hopes, and dreams. I myself have some big ideas for a new project, and I hope that everything will be realizable and successful. 
Wish you a late Happy New year!
P.S. It was very, very, very cold during the photo shoot!!!
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Am fost o blogerita mai pasiva in ultima vreme din cauza sarbatorilor trecute. Sunt foarte impresionata de toti cei ce au continuat a posta ne luand in seama nebunia saptaminii trecute.
Sper ca toti ati fost alaturi de cei dragi, de sarbatori, si ati intrat in noul an cu mari planuri, visuri si sperante. Eu, personal, am idei mari pentru un proiect si sper ca totul va fi realizabil si cu secces.
Va doresc, cu intarziere, tuturor un an nou fericit!


8 thoughts on “Freezing Point

  1. You look so pretty Hun but still fashionable love that coat is a dream so chic and elegant love that preppy sexy look over here is still a warm winter I hope it stay like this kisses and happy new year. Hope your wishes come true in this 2013

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