Red Stella

Stella McCartney

Hi Lovelies, 
I’ve been lusting for this pair of pumps for a few months now. They were on sale but still a bit expensive for a jobless student. This morning I checked them again (to make sure that they aren’t sold and still can be mine), and while closing the website, with the corner of my eye I saw the, oh, so promising “50% off “. It took me a minute to realize that today my dream can come true, and it was also the minute my hands started shaking. I was afraid that they are gone already. The happiness of having them also damaged my brain and for a few horrifying seconds I couldn’t do divisions by two, to see if the new price stays ok with my bank account. So, finally I checked them out, and was impatiently waiting for the confirmation e-mail, because , you know, my card could play some tricks on me. I am that “lucky” person on whom Windows can crush repeatedly during a limited time, online exam. 
This beautiful lacquered, red pumps are mine. Mineeee. The imagination kicked in, and I saw myself rocking them in NYC, attending the fashion week. I was there laughing with Leandra Medine on some jokes she said (she’s a funny girl, we all know), and then I tell Bryan Boy that we liked the same girl on ANTM and after that I confess to Aimee Song that I have a crush on her legs (if it’s correct to say so).
Did I make you laugh? I’m laughing already. 
Have a great week everybody,

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