Creating New Memories

Hi Girls & Boys
Every year by the end of winter I promise myself to start at least liking it, but all my good intentions go down the drain as soon as the first cold front is upon us. This morning I woke up to gray skies, snow and a dark house but a miracle happened when I saw the Christmas tree lights we put up yesturady.  After a deep breath I reminded myself that I’m not going to ruin once again my holidays spirit by hating the snow, the christmas songs that play EVERYWHERE, the over the top decorated houses, the too happy people, etc. So I’m going to stop being a jerk. I’m not that teenager anymore who thought that is too cool for Christmas,  the one who rolled eyes at mother’s attempts to revive in us the holiday spirit. I have a kid of my own now, and I need to make this time of the year as merry and miraculous as possible for her.
That’s why yesterday we went tree shopping for the first time in 5 years. Yeah, yeah, we are awful people. So we had a day full of firsts: first Christmas tree, first decorations, first broken glass ball, first serious talk about why we don’t throw delicate glass across the room. By the end of the evening we had a beautiful tree, and everybody was happy. So yeah, I can say know that I like Christmas.
Oh, I think you have noticed by now that I have a new haircut. This is how my hair looked, with a little variation, during my high school. It makes me look younger, which I didn’t like then, but I LOVE now.  It’s amazing how a simple change makes you feel like a different person. Do you feel the same with a new hair do, or it’s just me?
And a little about the outfit. I like bold accessories, and unusual clothes, but sometimes all I want is to look sleek and simple. I like how the all black makes the coat to pop up, making it the main piece of the outfit. I’m also in love with my new backpack I bought a few weeks ago. It reminds me of 7th grade, which was the last time I wore one. It was very stylish, my mom bought it in Greece, and it looked a lot like this one, but brown. Sweet memories.
Bey, bey for now, 


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