Nothing to Wear

 Hi Girls & Boys
The weather is getting pretty cold here in New England and I find myself pulling more and more clothes out of my closet when going out. I’m trying to pursue the art of layering. I’ve noticed that all my winter clothes are black or of a darker color, I know that I need some brights, but I’m really not into it right now. I’ve been wearing this Michael Kors bomber jacket every day, I just love it. Too bad that it is not that warm and soon or later I’ll need to trade it for more warmer pieces from my closet. I tried to brighten up my look with this American Eagle tartan shirt, that also keeps my rear warm :). 
If you’ve been following me for some time, you know that I donated 80% of my closet, and now I don’t really have what to wear. I don’t want to start buying stuff just to fill up my wardrobe,  and then, to find myself in the same position, of not liking anything I own. I’m a much more careful buyer now. I came to this because, growing up I was very, very skinny, and I’m used to buy very tight clothes, but even though I still can fit in them, I don’t like those kind of outfits anymore. For us girls, it’s hard sometimes to find what to wear with a full wardrobe of clothes, so imagine my situation now. My imagination is working really hard in order to look different every day. 
I also want to cut off my hair, I’m thinking shoulder length. I cut it the last time when I was 3 months pregnant, so it’s almost 3 years know. Wow, I didn’t realized it was so long ago. You can’t say, but it is pretty long, it goes down to the waist. I also want to color it in a darker shade. My natural hair color is the worst, I call it the “mouse hair color”, even the colorists in the hair salons can’t really tell what shade my color is. It’s something between the “dark blond” and the “light ash brown”. I’ve changed my hair color so many times, that I don’t even keep track anymore. I really like Kelly Osborne’s lilac hair, but I guess, I need to check with work first, before I do anything:).
Talking too much today. I’m leaving you alone now,


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